'Game Of Thrones' Maisie Williams Passes a Major Teen Milestone With Flying Colors — PHOTO

It was bound to happen sooner or later, but Arya Stark is now a licensed driver. That's right — your favorite candid teen on the Internet, Maisie Williams, has passed her road test. The Game of Thrones actress tweeted a photo of herself holding the proof, which you can see below.

This seminal moment has been imminent for Williams for some time — she had previously mentioned that she was working on obtaining her license, as she was taking driving lessons with a RED driving instructor. This gives us further proof that despite the fact that she's a star on one of the most popular television shows known to humankind, she's still just a normal teen. Aww.

And lest you forget, despite all of her ass-kicking on television and all of her candor on the Internet, she's still just 16. Do you remember when you were sixteen and passed (or failed) your road test? Do you remember how young you were then, but how you also felt as though you had the entire world in your hands as soon as you had access to car keys? That's what Williams is feeling now. It's a pretty big deal to get your driver's license, even if you do work with dragons and swords on the regular.

So congrats, Maisie, and good luck on the road! And also — a token of wisdom: don't Vine and drive. That's never a good idea.