Frankie Grande's Twitter Hacker Sends Ariana Grande a Disturbing Message

Isn't it annoying when your Twitter gets hacked and all of a sudden, your tweets about cats and snacks morph into penis pump product placements? Or when you're trapped in a house with zero access to Twitter, and someone mysteriously starts sending your sister porny tweets? A Big Brother houseguest knows this all too well, as Gossip Cop reports that Frankie Grande's Twitter was hacked on Thursday, resulting in some NSFW messages directed toward his sister, pop star Ariana Grande.

The Big Brother contestant's Twitter account was reportedly hacked by a user named @LordCynical. The user was responsible for hacking Frankie Grande's Twitter and wrote: "suck my cock, @arianagrande."

Fortunately, Ariana Grande knows that her brother (brother!) wouldn't say that to her, so she wrote back, "so clearly @frankiejgrande’s been hacked lmaooo……. on it."

Ariana Grande indeed was on it — Frankie's hacked tweets have since been deleted.

It sucks when your account gets hacked. It also sucks when you're dating a guy named "Dan" and you accidentally click on "Dad" when sending a sext. But! For all of the embarrassment Frankie might be enduring, Ariana seems to have a sense of humor about it.