Mitt Gets Revenge With the Ice Bucket Challenge

In what New York Magazine aptly described as a scene out of political fan fiction, Mitt Romney accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge, and enlisted his former running mate Paul Ryan to help with the ceremonial pouring of the ice water. After an appropriately political introduction — thanking the folks that nominated him and expressing his gratitude to everyone that has helped with the cause — Ryan pops in for a little small talk before getting right down to it. Unfortunately for Romney, it didn't seem Ryan was interested in catching up. Soaking wet, Romney pushed his soggy tresses back and put forth his nominations into the universe: Ann Romney and Jason Sudeikis.

I lost it the first time I watched the video. (For journalism, I've now seen it more than a few times.) The sly smirk, the drenched suit, and the gentle, if somewhat pointed, reminder for Sudeikis to "get wet, and make a contribution" — it was all too much. Instead of quietly donating to the ALS Foundation — because, of all people, he can donate — Romney decided to show off his playful side and face the bucket. However, he seemed a little too eager, and his second nomination reveals why. It seems Romney used the opportunity not only to support a good cause, but also get the last shot at an old rival.

As you may remember, Sudeikis impersonated Mitt Romney during the last election season on Saturday Night Live. (He also played Joe Biden, but you don't see the VP getting all riled up about it.) And, as you may also remember, the 2012 election gave the SNL writers a lot of material to work with. You'd think this would all be in the past, already in midterm elections and Sudeikis having left the show to pursue greater things. But, for Romney, it's not over. It still isn't over.

Sudeikis and Romney are obviously part of a long legacy of impressions on the late night comedy show. If Sudeikis does accept Romney's challenge, I hope he'll do it as Romney — thus starting the Ice Bucket Inception Challenge. In order for this to take off, here are some other celebrity-impersonator pairings we'd love to see dump buckets of ice on themselves, together.

Tina Fey and Sarah Palin, Amy Poehler and Hillary Clinton

Taran Killan and Christoph Waltz

Kenan Thompson and Steve Harvey

Kate McKinnon and Ellen deGeneres

Maya Rudolph and Donatella Versace

Jimmy Fallon and French Stewart, Will Ferrell and Alex Trebek

Jay Pharoah and Jay-Z, Sasheer Zamata and Solange

Of course, for the Ice Bucket Inception Challenge to work, both parties must accept in character — as themselves if the impersonated, or as the other as the impersonator. And, as always, both parties should also donate to the ALSA — because, at the end of the day, this is for charity, people.