'Vampire Diaries' Season 6 Teaser Is Here: 5 Crazy Things Elena Will Do While Mourning Damon

No one really believed that Elena was going to be totally fine with Damon's Season 5 finale death when The Vampire Diaries' new season premieres, right? A four-month time-jump isn't going to make the pain of losing the love of your life just disappear, people. And in the first promo for The Vampire Diaries Season 6, Elena's totally gone off the deep end. Understandably, of course, I've been mourning Damon for the past three months as well. But not even Stefan can handle her emotional drama this time and that's saying something. TVD Season 6 is pushing Elena to her emotional threshold yet again, so, obviously, we can expect her to go totally batshit sometime really soon.

This first promo is all about Elena Gilbert, save for a quick flash of Caroline and Stefan with looks that read, "damn, we've got our work cut out for us." And that they do, considering how Elena's done some completely irrational and crazy things every time she's hit her distress maximum over the past five seasons. (Remember when she burned down her house? #Crazy) In the quick clip, she goes through most of the stages of losing a loved one/breaking up — she's ugly-crying, she's smelling Damon's t-shirts, she's looking at old photos of them happy and together. It's actually really sad until the promo flashes to her doing her first crazy thing. It's only a matter of time before Elena flips her humanity switch and when she does, no one and nothing is safe from her crazy wrath.

Watch the promo here:

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I'm sorry that I love you, too, Damon. And so, here are 5 totally batshit things Elena will do while she's trying to say goodbye.

Burn Down The Salvatore Mansion

Elena is probably the pyromaniac. And even if she tried to rationalize burning her house down by saying that it was an alibi for Jeremy's death, I don't believe her. When she's hurt, she just wants to watch the world burn. I honestly can't blame her for never wanting to set foot in or see Damon's home again. But like, Stefan needs somewhere to live.

Kill Jeremy

I mean, she's done it before. And since everyone, including TVD's fans, have become desensitized to killing her little brother, it's kind of a whatever situation. Elena's angry so she snaps Jeremy's neck, he'll come back to life anyway.

Become A Ripper

Again, Elena just wants to watch the world burn — or bleed, in this case. In the promo we see her, wild-eyed and bloodthirsty while she tears into someone's neck. If Damon can't live, no blood-having human is going to live either. Boom.

Verbally Abuse Caroline

I don't want to say this, but someone has to — Elena's kind of a shitty friend pretty often, especially when she starts projecting onto Caroline, who's really only trying to help. Angry, denial-ridden Elena will absolutely lash out against her blonde BFF because why deal with your feelings when you can just make someone else feel as bad as you do?

Take Off Her Daylight Ring

If the world can't burn, she's going to. Elena will pull out the "I feel nothing" drama and take off her daylight ring and walk out into the sun. But only for a little while, because she's not trying to die, she's just trying feel something. Ugh.

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