'Girls' Season 4: Everything We Know About Hannah & the Gang So Far

It looks like we have our first tiny glimpse at next season's Girls. On Friday morning, Lena Dunham posted a short teaser on Instagram with the caption "We're back!" The teaser only gives us a tiny peak into Season 4, and announced only that "We're back in production" and the new season is "coming soon." The clip stars Dunham and her stunt double, but other than that, it's hard to tell what we're really looking at. Sadly, we can only assume that "coming soon" means we still don't have a premiere date for the new season, but can expect the new season of Girls to arrive in 2015. At some point.

It's fair to say that anything is possible in Season 4. Expect the unexpected. Hannah will be in new surroundings, Shoshana will be dealing with the fallout of her graduation fiasco, and who even knows what the deal with Adam is? Hannah's romantic prospects could open up, but they could also become much more complicated. Everything's up in the air, so it's hard to speculate what we might be seeing next season other than Hannah falling off a bike. Here are a few things we know for certain about Girls Season 4:

Hannah might have a new boyfriend

You've seen Jake Lacy as the sweet, approachable-looking, yet still kind of sexy guy from The Office and Jenny Slate's one-night stand in Obvious Child, and he'll be bringing all his nice-guy charm to Girls. Lacy will appear in a recurring role in Season 4, and though it isn't a sure thing yet, all signs point to Lacy as Hannah's potential new love interest who she maybe meets in Iowa while she's away at the Writer's Workshop.

Hannah might also still be having a thing-thing with Adam

Girls wouldn't be Girls if the plot wasn't running rife with relationship drama. Photos from the Season 4 set reveal that Hannah and Adam might still be tangled up in some kind of semi-romantical hookup situation. Hannah might have to choose between Lacy's character and Adam, if he's still hanging around while she's away. She might also do cocaine at one point to try to impress him because Adam is the worst.

It's probably for Adam.

The girls' friendship will be tested by distance

Hannah will be in Iowa, which means the girls will have to learn how to stay close despite the distance, and learn how to navigate their lives on their own.

Shoshana gets it together. Kind of.

Things will be a little messier for Shoshana in Season 4 following her graduation crisis and we might see a deeper, more complex side of her than we have before, but not for long. Zosia Mamet says "she'll get over it".

We might be getting more Marnie music videos

In an interview with the New York Post last June, Allison Williams said Marnie isn't giving up completely on her singing career, at least not yet. She might even be making another music video soon.

Natasha Lyonne will be there

Natasha Lyonne will guest star, and it's going to be AMAZING.

The more things change, the more they stay the same


In the Season 4 teaser trailer, we see Hannah riding through what is probably her new neighborhood in Iowa. Even though she's been transplanted into foreign Midwest surroundings, it looks like she's still the same Hannah, learning to metaphorically (and literally) keep her balance without falling on her face.

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