'Girls' Season 4 Preview Shows What's Really on Lena Dunham's Mind — VIDEO

I love the show Girls. I don't care that it's the Sex and The City fantasy to my urban writer persona. I don't care how self involved Marnie is. I love it, and I think Lena Dunham is a brilliant woman and a master when it comes to capturing dialogue. I know I'm not alone in this Girls camp, so I feel confident that I'm speaking for many when I say, "holy crap, you guys, here's a Girls preview for Season 4!" I swear — upon learning that this video existed, I let out a yelp. Season 4 is mere months away!

And we're not in Brooklyn anymore. As expected, Season 4 will bring us to Iowa, with Hannah commencing her master's program minus one Adam but plus a whole slew of new characters. Hannah's usual antics will now be tested by a totally new environment.

But if you were concerned that this would just be about Hannah's narcissism getting transplanted to Iowa, then rest assured that Duham has an agenda that's bigger than the self-absorbed silliness that often ensues on Girls. Despite the funny bicycle #fail in the preview video, there's a quick shot that shows that Dunham has more on her mind, and that's Sarah Jones, the camera assistant who was killed during production of Midnight Rider this past February.

You can get a closer look at the shot photo below.

You can watch the preview below, and be sure to follow Girls ' production diary as production continues!


Images: Mark Schafer/HBO; HBO/Youtube