Melissa Joan Hart's Kids Don't Watch Her Old Shows, Have No Taste

Apparently, Sabrina The Teenage Witch's kids are not in awe of Salem the talking cat. In fact, Us Weekly reports that Melissa Joan Hart's kids don't even watch her old shows, which is blasphemous, considering that Clarissa Explains It All and Sabrina The Teenage Witch are stalwarts in the tween television canon. Obviously, they have no taste. Hart clearly feels this dig, as the 38-year-old actress says: "They're not really into it yet, I'm trying. I think they were too young when I tried."

Ah, OK. They're just too young to appreciate the twinkle in Harvey's eye (although is there really an age at which one can deflect Harvey's twinkle?). However, it sounds as though her kids zoomed past adolescence and went straight for adulthood, as she added:

It's not possible that the shows we grew up with have simply failed to withstand the test of time, right? Oh, the horror of knowing that Clarissa cannot explain it all to anyone born after the year 2000 (her kids are 8, 5 and 22 months old — all post-millennial babies).

Or perhaps it's simply that they're just not a television family; Hart mentioned to Us that she likes to take her kids to the theater. Ah, sophisticated babies. Too sophisticated for Sabrina and Clarissa, perhaps.

It's OK, MJH — there's a whole slew of us out there who grew up watching Clarissa and Sabrina. We're here for ya, girl. Your '90s alter-ego can explain it all to a bunch of us any day.