Gwyneth Paltrow Isn't Mad About Chris Martin Dating J. Law, So Double Dates Are Next, Yes?

So, is conscious uncoupling the best way to break up and not wish that your ex burn in the fiery depths of hell? Especially when they start dating one of Hollywood's biggest, most lovable stars? The Internet exploded last week when everyone learned that Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence are dating — honestly, I still don't believe it. But, apparently, Gwyneth Paltrow is happy that Martin's dating again. A "friend" of Paltrow, who's allegedly dating Glee 's Brad Falchuk now that she's separated from Martin, told Us Weekly that the star's opinion of her ex's new relationship is, "Hey, he could do worse." So, like, are the four of them going to double date?

According to the source, Paltrow "just wants him to be happy" and she's got absolutely no problem with her estranged husband dating the Hunger Games star. And that definitely explains so much about Lawrence and Martin's recent vineyard date — obviously the Goop founder helped him plan that, right? Clearly, while we were all joking about how ridiculous "conscious uncoupling" sounds, Paltrow and Martin were becoming the most well-adjusted exes of all time. I mean, sure, Gwenny's comment is kind of a back-handed compliment, but it's better than calling J. Law out for being the polar opposite of Goop.

So, the next step — after nominating Martin for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge — is for Paltrow, Martin, Falchuk, and Lawrence to go on a double date. Right? Right — and here are some suggestions:


I mean, it only makes sense. Paltrow and Martin are both musically inclined and Falchuk runs a musical series. The only person in this foursome that's yet to prove her musical talent in J. Law. And, honestly, even if she were a terrible singer, she'd go for it anyway and everyone would love it — kind of like when Cameron Diaz is a terrible singer in My Best Friend's Wedding.

Pizza-Making Class

Who doesn't love pizza? When you search "pizza" on Goop, you get four pages of results — so, clearly, even if she doesn't eat it, Gwen loves pizza, too. This would go so well unless Gwen tries to correct J. Law's technique. (Step off, girl.)

A Coldplay Concert

It has to happen eventually, right? What better way to get everyone to get along than to invite them to a night of Coldplay melodies. If anything, it'll lull the entire group into a dream-like state.

A Live-Taping of DWTS

Gwen and J. Law are both into the whole dancing thing, so why not check out DWTS? It's fun and they'd hardly have to talk. A win-win for everyone.

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