Surprising 2014 Emmy Awards Stats From the Love for Betty White to Jon Hamm's Epic Losses

Although, like most awards shows, the Emmys aren't exactly known for their unpredictability, with each new batch of nominations does come a few surprises: first-time nods for beloved actors, longtime favorites getting snubbed for new shows, a few nominees of diverse backgrounds (read: non-white) finally making their way onto the list of contenders. It's always a fun task to see what, exactly, makes one year's show different than the years prior, and the 2014 roster of Emmy nominees is no exception; in fact, the stats from this year's batch might be the most interesting one yet.

From Jon Hamm's incredible number of losses to the amount of times the world loved Betty White, here's a look at the 2014 Emmy Awards, by the numbers:


The number of times Jon Hamm has lost an Emmy nomination: six for acting on Mad Men, two for producing it, and three for guest-starring on 30 Rock. Come Monday, it's likely he'll have two more losses to add to the list. Don't feel too bad for him, though; he does have that $250,000 paycheck per Men episode to help ease the pain.


The number of seconds allotted for a winner's acceptance speech before music starts cutting them off. That may be fine for flustered winners like Merritt Wever, but for those who like to ramble a bit, you can bet they'll be shouting over the orchestra by speech's end.


The number of nominations for Saturday Night Live, the most nominated show ever. This year added nine nominations to the show's arsenal, including a nod for Outstanding Variety Series.


The number of times Betty White has been nominated for an Emmy since starring in The Proposal. Seems that the world suddenly remembering that you're a national treasure is key to getting awards show love.


The number of Emmy nominations for HBO, the network with the most 2014 nods. As giant as that number may seem, it's actually less than usual; last year, for instance, HBO received 108 nominations, winning 27.


The lowest number of nominations Modern Family has ever received, two less than last year and seven from its 2011 high. Could a first-time Family loss be in sight?


The number of people who get included in the "In Memoriam" reel, not including those, like Robin Williams, who'll get honored in a separate tribute. Allot your clapping accordingly.


The number of lifetime nominations for Hector Ramirez, a camera operator who's the most nominated person in Emmy history. In second place is Sheila Nevins, the HBO Documentary head, with 67 nods — including 28 wins, making her the winningest Emmy nominee ever.


The number of black Emmy nominees in 2014, compared to just four in 2013 and five in 2012. The Scandal effect is in full swing.


The number of nominations received by True Detective, four more than the number of episodes in its first season. Impressive, or ridiculous?


The number of first-time nominees in 2014. Uzo Aduba, Matthew McConaughey, and Lizzy Caplan are all included.

4 (approximately)

The number of times you probably broke down in tears while watching Aduba discuss winning an Emmy for Best Guest Actress in a Comedy. Crazy Eyes gives crazy good speeches.


The number of publicly out transgender Emmy nominees, and her name is Laverne Cox. Of all the ways the Emmys made history this year, the Orange is the New Black actress' nod is by far the most satisfying — and the most promising of things to come.

Images: NBC; ABC (2); Netflix