AMAZING 'Parks & Rec' News!

Sometimes you just gotta be grateful for the Saturday Night Live alumni network — because Rachel Dratch is joining the Parks and Recreation cast for the final season. Excuse me while I.....YAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS.

People really need to put Dratch in more things. I personally was pretty psyched for her Fox pilot Dead Boss , but alas, that did not move forward. She was in a bunch of 30 Rock, and as a bunch of different characters. And really, it's about damn time she made an appearance on Parks and Rec. Good job, Season 7. Well done.

Unfortunately it seems Dratch is only signed on for one episode so far. Pawnee almost always has room for people to return, but this is only a thirteen-episode final season, so who knows if there'll be room. I've got a feeling she'll fit into the Pawnee world pretty seamlessly, though, no matter how long her stay.

Dratch was a part of the early-2000s era of Saturday Night Live known for its stellar cast — her castmates at the time included Parks' Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon. The list goes on, of course. I'm eager for Dratch to get the same kind of due the rest of them have gotten in the years since their SNL departures, so maybe a role in a very highly-anticipated will help facilitate something cool. Hell, I'd even be down for a resurgence of Dratch & Fey .

Here she is on Billy On the Street, just because it's delightful: