What Have Our 'Bad' Guys Been Up To Lately?

by Rachel Paige

The headline for tomorrow will probably be BREAKING BAD SWEEPS ALL OF EMMYS, EVEN IN THE CATEGORIES IT WASN'T NOMINATED FOR. There's a high high chance that it will win just about every award under the sun. I imagine Breaking Bad die-hard fans will celebrate like their team just won the Superbowl, but with less overturned cars and stuff. At the very least, Breaking Bad is a shoo-in for Outstanding Drama Series and fans will excitedly jump from their couches when it wins. Sadly, as we all know, Breaking Bad won't return again for a new season, because it's over and done with forever, and we'll continue to mourn it for some time to come. But what have its talented stars, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul been doing since the series ended?

Even though it feels like we might not having else to look forward to on television, at least our good friends (hey, that's what they seem like to me) are still active and around in our lives. It's not like they've died/driven away into the sunset in a very fast car. Last week Paul and Cranston popped up in the hilarious Barely Legal Pawn. But that's not all they've been up to lately.

Bryan Cranston

First and foremost, Cranston is just one letter away from his EGOT. He has an Emmy, he has a Golden Globe, and now he has a Tony. This past year, he won a Tony for his role in All The Way on Broadway, where he played Lyndon B. Johnson. How's that for range, going from playing the One Who Knocks to the 36th President of the United States? He'll continue on with the role, starring in HBO's adaptation of the play. One more Emmy for the mantel? Check.

The only letter he's missing is O for Oscar. I doubt he's going to win it for Godzilla, but you never know. He could win it for his upcoming role as blacklisted 1940s screenwriter, Dalton Trumbo, in the film Trumbo. If that doesn't work, maybe he could win his Oscar voicing Po's father in Kung Fu Panda 3.

Cranston also has a development deal with Sony Pictures Television, though sadly we don't have any new Cranston-led television series yet. But knowing him, whatever his next series is, it will earn him even more Emmys.

Aaron Paul

When not doting on his adorable wife, Aaron is very very busy man. He has quickly risen to leading man status. His latest film, Need for Speed, came out this summer, and sadly it was not about Jesse driving away from the nazis, so it doesn't sound like a whole lot of people went to see it.

But that's okay! He's got other movies coming out, too. According to IMDB, he has not one, but three movies slated for 2015, ranging from a family driven drama to one about drones. Plus, right this second, you can hear Paul's voice in BoJack Horseman, which is currently streaming on Netflix.

Also, for anyone in the Los Angeles area right now, please go participate in his Breaking Bad scavenger hunt today. Aaron is hiding things from the show all over Hollywood, and please go find them for me. You can keep them, that's cool. Just come back and tell me all about whatever you've found, and I can live vicariously through that since I am very far away from Los Angeles right now. Oh well. Someone find a signed script, that'd be like the Holy Grail.

Let's talk about Aaron's wife, Lauren, for a second, because if she's important to him, she's important to us. Lauren actually runs a really awesome charity, Kind Campaign, that came out of a documentary she made in college. It's based on the idea that we should all be kind to one another, and cut out girl-on-girl crime. That's awesome, and she's done a lot of awesome things, both on the web and in schools across the country. Remember the last Talking Bad? It happened in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and beforehand, Aaron hosted a screen-party that doubled as a charity event for Kind Campaign. I can't wait to see what these guys do next.

Images: AMC, glassofwhiskey/Instagram