Olivia Wilde Used Breastmilk For the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Because Mom's Need to Be Represented

In terms of meme-y trend lifespans, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is firmly in middle age at this point. That means the pressure's on for the celebs who didn't complete the challenge during the first round. Recently, that's resulted in Olivia Wilde dumping breast milk over her head.

Wilde's been advocating for the destigmatization of breastfeeding since the birth of her son Otis, and she blended that advocacy for one thing into advocacy for another. By dumping a giant bucket of breast milk on her head. By far the best line in this video is Wilde's "it took me all night to make this."

I kind of severely doubt that Wilde had enough milk within her body to produce what we see in that bucket — I'm kinda assuming they just went to the store and bought some 2% — but it's kind of worth the illusion, you know? It's the perfect mixture of gross and really badass.

Aside from the (disputed) fact that Wilde dumped a bunch of her own bodily fluids over her head for charity, we should talk about who she nominated: New Jersey junior Senator Cory Booker, feminist icon Gloria Steinem, and the artist formerly known as Prince. That almost beats Vin Diesel nominating Putin. Olivia Wilde is a woman after my own heart.

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Image: Youtube