Hannah Horvath: Stylish Blonde?

There is no doubt that The Emmy Awards is all about celebrating the talent that makes television worth staying in bed all weekend and not leaving until you've finished binge an entire season of your favorite shows (for the third time). One show you might be binge watching before Monday's award show is HBO's Girls , starring Emmy nominee Lena Dunham. Fans of the show, and devoted Instagram followers of Dunham's, were teased with a preview of Season 4 of the hit show, suggesting Hannah Horvath has left New York and traveled to Iowa for school. But will Dunham's new blonde 'do make it to Girls too?

Dunham recently showed off her new platinum hairstyle on Instagram. Dunham, who looks amazing as a blonde, will definitely be working the new hairstyle at this year's Emmy Awards, but the TV-obsessed can only think of how this new look will affect Hannah Horvath's tumultuous life.

With a little detective work, it seems that Dunham waited until Season 4 of Girls to finish filming to change her 'do. On August 14, Dunham tweeted that Season 4 of Girls wrapped, saying how much she loves the cast and crew, basically everything you and I already think about the show, but she confirmed. On August 15, Dunham premiered her new hair style on Instagram with the caption "Change is good."

Judging by the timing of the two social media posts (two consecutive days), it seems that Dunham waited until Season 4 completed filming before she made the big hair change. So it looks like Hannah Horvath won't be going through another huge hair change at the end of the season like she did during Season 2. Although Hannah and a boxed hair color would probably make for an incredible scene that should probably happen in the future, in my opinion. Maybe she tries to go bright red? I don't know, just thinking out loud here.

So although we won't see Hannah take on Iowa with the platinum bowl cut that Dunham now sports, we will get to see her new hair on Monday night as she walks the red carpet and possibly wins for her role in Girls. Will the new hair bring Dunham luck to win in the category she has been nominated in? Find out on the Emmy Awards, Monday night at 8 p.m. ET/ 5 p.m. PT.

Images: Lena Dunham/Instagram; Giphy