A Young Nicki Minaj Had Different Dreams Than She Does Now — VIDEO

Nicki Minaj is many things. She is the woman behind — er, in front of — "Anaconda," she is a rapper who splits into multiple rapping personas, she is a wearer of wigs, she is an igniter of Instagram controversy, and she is a boner-giver to Drake. But in her childhood, the young Nicki Minaj wanted a simple life. In fact, young Nicki Minaj wanted to be a nurse. In the video below, you can see a young Nicki as she states her hopes and dreams for the future.

Cut to the present day. Minaj is grinding up against Drake, giving him the aforementioned boner and performing her signature booty shaking moves. But who knows — maybe Nicki Minaj has a different understanding of the word "nurse" than the rest of us do — and she does state in the video that she wants to help other people. Maybe this is her way of helping others? Charitable lap dances for all!

And lest we forget, one's dreams can change as one garners new experiences. You can wake up one day with an anaconda of your own and think to yourself, "THIS. My butt is my career now!"

Needless to say, Nicki Minaj is way more than just a butt — she's obviously a very talented lady rapper, there's no doubt about that — but it's certainly funny to see the young, naive, innocent Nicki juxtaposed with the present-day Nicki.

You can check out the video of it all below.

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