We Found Your Halloween Costume Already

If you're looking to make no new friends on Halloween, then I have the perfect festive disguise for you. The Ice Bucket Challenge Halloween Costume is currently for sale online at I wish I was joking, but this is real life. Sure, I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing Anna Wintour dousing herself in cold water, but this is the definition of taking it too far. Everything about this costume is just such a profound fail.

Pray tell, how exactly do you dress like you're pouring frigid liquid on yourself? For the cost of $39.99, costume website Brands On Sale will sell you a bucket with some saran wrap attached to the bottom, a sheer tunic printed with ice cubes, and a plastic ice cube tray. If this costume seemed like a good idea, I would tell you not to be such a lazy consumer and DIY it with household products and a couple trips to the dollar store. However, not only is wearing this a horrible idea, it is also sure to convince everyone around the Pumpkin-shaped punch bowl that you aren't a suitable conversation partner. Why? 'Cause your costume isn't creative, it's just instant lame.

Plus, if you think that someone's holding that bucket aloft for you all night, you got another thing coming. Prepare yourself for some dead arms, because nobody will aide you in this foolishness.

All right, so Brands On Sale is donating $10 to ALS for every costume sold, but still, this costume is just one big eye roll. You know what wold be better than buying this costume? Donating to ALS directly. Yeah, that way you wouldn't have a useless ice-cube poncho and a nonfunctional tupperware pail lying around your house for the rest of forever. Even with some of the proceeds going to the cause, this appears to be a pretty blatant endeavor to capitalize off of the popularity of a philanthropic endeavor. Sorry, guys. Not a great look.

Image: Brandsonsale