The 2014 VMA Red Carpet Proves Your Favorite Celebrities Are Actually Vampires — PHOTOS

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The MTV VMAs are known for being the most scandalous award show of the year, but that's not all they're good for — they also remind us that over the course of her career, Jennifer Lopez has failed to age, and so have many of her fellow musicians. Despite the fact that we've been listening to certain artists for close to a decade, many of them have somehow discovered to secret to eternal youth (and haven't bothered sharing that secret). And yeah, it could be possible that the fact that they have access to the best age-defying procedures modern medicine has to offer, but I think it could be because they are undercover supernatural creatures who will outlive us all.

While you're stifling the need to ask J.Lo what anti-aging night cream she uses, flip through this gallery that proves that a lot of music's earlier generations are totally living in a time machine. I'll be over here, seething with jealousy.

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