Jill's Flown The Duggar Coop, But Jessa Hasn't Yet

When 19 Kids & Counting makes its return next week, things are going to be a little bit different in Duggar World. The lame thing about kids is that they grow up, and now, Michelle and Jim Bob have two more kids breaking out on their own. Now that Jill's married to beau Derick Dillard and Jessa is finally engaged to her guy, Ben Seewald, the family is about to be a little shaken up. Never again will we see all 18 kids (not counting Josh, who moved out to start a family with Anna in the first season) under one roof. In fact, one of them has already moved out: Jill.

After their super adorable, Pinterest-approved wedding in June, Jill and Derick started building their own life together, Duggar compound not included. This obviously includes a home, although we haven't seen it yet — just bits and pieces that have appeared in Jill's Instagram photos, like the one she shared of herself with a dinner she oh so lovingly prepared for him shortly after their wedding. And this photo shows off a gallery wall filled with family photos in Jill's house, after Grandma Duggar and Aunt Deanna popped in for a visit.

Next stop: Baby number one. I'm not 100 percent sure I believe the "we got pregnant two weeks after we got married" story, but I want to believe. I want to believe so much.

And as for Jessa? She might be engaged to Ben, but in true Duggar courting style, they still live apart. In fact, they're sticking to the original plan of saving their first kiss (and everything else) for their wedding day — and Ben, who once lived over three hours away from Jessa's home in Tontitown, Arkansas, recently moved so he could be closer to Jessa as they continue their courtship. How sweet is that? No telling where they'll live once they've tied the knot, but I'm guessing it won't be with Jim Bob and Michelle. Nor should it be. Newlyweds (and really, anyone who likes their privacy) have no place on the Duggar compound. Besides the fact that the other two married Duggar children left the home, I have a feeling that Jessa's decorating skills are amazing, and I can't wait to find out how she decorates a home of her own.

By the way, if you haven't heard their engagement story, you need to. It's very elaborate, very adorable, and my fingers are crossed that the TLC cameras managed to capture the whole thing.

Now, I need that season premiere, stat. The sooner Sept. 2 comes, the sooner I get to see Jill's wedding. And that will be the best day ever.

Images: TLC, JillMDillard/Instagram