Jill Duggar's Wedding Dress Was Really Lovely

Jill Duggar, of 19 Kids & Counting fame, married fiance Derick Dillard on Saturday. Photos of the wedding have surfaced, which means one thing and one thing only — we now know what the dress looked like! And no, there was not a knee-length denim skirt in sight.

Duggar looked lovely on her big day in a v-neck, white lace gown with beading, cap sleeves, and satin detailing at the waist. She also rocked a long lace veil and a diamond-looking pendant, and her hair game was on-point, as usual. Her fiance-turned-husband was dapper in a light grey suit and a peach rose boutonnière.

Although I'm not the biggest fan of the Duggar's lifestyle choices, especially when it comes to dating — or "courtship" — Dillard and Duggar are so cute and appear truly happy in all their photos together. The wedding dress, though a bit traditional, is charming, and the bride looks radiant. She's probably glowing at the thought of being able to do more than side hug with her new husband.

Maybe I'm just a giant sap who loves weddings, but the Duggar wedding photos kind of made my heart melt into a giant puddle. They're just so smiley! Isn't love grand, guys? Maybe we should all start side hugging our loved ones more often. Congrats to the happy couple! And Jill? Can you please, please tell me what conditioner you use?

Main Image: jillmdillard/Instagram