Eminem & Sia's "Guts Over Fear" Packs an Inspiring Message of Perseverance — LISTEN

On Sunday evening, Eminem premiered his new single, "Guts Over Fear," with Sia Furler. The song, which will appear on the soundtrack to Denzel Washington's upcoming movie, The Equalizer , isn't very radio-friendly, but I suspect that it's something that Eminem really needed to get off his chest. "Guts Over Fear" gives listeners some interesting insight into the rapper's thoughts about his own career, and ultimately, delivers a really powerful message of perseverance.

On "Guts Over Fear's" first verse, Eminem relives the ups and downs of his time in the spotlight, questioning many of his decisions and even wondering if he has any fresh material to rap about anymore:

Sometimes I feel like all I ever do is

Find different ways to word the same old songs

On the second verse, Eminem continues this line of thinking, worrying about what might happen if he ever runs out of emotional experiences to draw from and showing disdain for one of the "goofier" tracks in his discography:

But what am I gonna do when the rage is gone?


And I'm frozen 'cause there's no more emotion for me to pull from

Just a bunch of playful songs that I made for fun

So, to the break of dawn, here I go recycling the same old song

But I'd rather make "Not Afraid 2" than make another motherfuckin' "We Made You"

However, on the hook, Sia sings about putting "guts over fear" and continuing on no matter what, suggesting that even though Eminem might not feel like comedic songs like "We Made You" were the best use of his talents, he's not going to let that hold him back. He's learned from all of his past experiences and "mistakes," and now, he knows how he wants to move forward.

At the end of the track, Eminem calls for his listeners to follow their dreams...in that unique way that only Eminem can:

Everything you're scared to say, don't be afraid to say no more

From this day forward, just let them a-holes talk

Take it with a grain of salt and eat their fuckin' faces off

The legend of the angry blonde lives on through you when I'm gone...

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Billboard reports that "Guts Over Fear" will also be featured on Shady XV, "a two-CD compilation featuring an album of Eminem's greatest hits and an album of new material from Eminem, Slaughterhouse, Bad Meets Evil, D-12, and Yelawolf." Shady XV will be released on Black Friday, November 28.

"Guts Over Fear" is available on iTunes now.

Image: Getty Images