Denzel Enters Familiar Territory in 'Equalizer'

Will Denzel Washington ever run out of bad ass roles to play? Never, I hope. His latest role in The Equalizer , a film adaptation of the ‘80s TV series that starred Edward Woodward, finds Washington playing McCall, a retired black ops commando who faked his death in order to keep his hands clean and live the simple life in Boston. But he's quickly transported back to the criminal underworld when his efforts to rescue a young prostitute named Teri (played by Chloë Grace Moretz) rouse some high-ranking members of the Russian mafia.

Judging by the film's full trailer released today, if you loved Washington in any of his other roles as an action hero, The Equalizer will provide more of the same steely-faced, composed-under-pressure character the Oscar-winning character tackles with seemingly little effort.

After similar roles in films like Man on Fire and Safe House, it's no surprise to see him ease into this role like a pair of well-worn shoes. Aside from experience and talent, it probably didn't hurt that The Equalizer's director is Antoine Fuqua, with whom Washington worked on Training Day.

The Equalizer hits theaters September 26, but there's already a sequel in the works. Whether that's a good sign, or considered jumping the gun remains to be seen. Check out the film's full trailer below: