Jennifer Lawrence & Scarlett Johansson Face Mashup Creates "Perfect Woman" (Ugh.) — PHOTO

Full disclosure here: I was a big fan of the celebrity face mashup. I'm not exactly sure when the trend of digitally combining two celebrity faces together started, but the first instance that I remember was the mashup of Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson's faces. It was a pretty neat trick — "Jennifer Watson" really did look like the impossible child of everyone's favorite YA heroines. Unfortunately, the latest face-blending work isn't done out of novelty — it's done so we can all ogle over the supreme hotness of combining two already beautiful celebrities into the Most Beautiful Woman on the Planet. Quite frankly, the need for a hotter, better woman is getting old, but that doesn't stop the Internet from creating things like the recent Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence combo. This face combo may create a gorgeous (if, uh, nonexistent) person, but it's also a sad reminder that no matter how beautiful a celebrity is, the world will try very hard to beat the standard.

I love a good Photoshop trick as much as anyone else, but I'm starting to feel weird about the whole bizarre Frankenstein experiment the celebrity combos are turning into. I think the thing that bothers me the most is that it says that there really is one standard of beauty, and that by combining two already hot people, you can fill in one celebrity's natural "flaws" with another's strengths and, ta da! — perfect human being. MoviePilot, where the latest mashup was created, even allows users to vote on whether the individuals or the mashup is the most beautiful.

Here's the MoviePilot photo mashup:

Yes, "Scarlett Lawrence" is certainly a beautiful fake person, but she's really no better than any of the celebrities she's combining. Can't we all just agree that Lawrence and Johansson are hot in their own right? I mean, it really should be obvious.

Image: MoviePilot