Why Didn't She Didn't Do the Ice Bucket Challenge?

When Sarah Jessica Parker nominated Kim Kardashian for the Ice Bucket Challenge last Wednesday, at first I was like, "Bwah?" But then I was like, "Yeah!" It seemed like a strange person for Parker to choose, being that we've never gotten any indication that the two women knew each other, nevertheless were friends. But upon further examination, it appeared to be a genius move on Parker's behalf. Kardashian tends to err on the side of, well, prissy (no offense), and there would be something fantastic about seeing her dump a freezing cold bucket of water on her perfectly coiffed head. But it's now been almost a week, and still no Ice Bucket Challenge from Kim. What up with that?

There's no way on earth that Kardashian simply didn't get wind of the fact that she was nominated by someone she reportedly has a serious girl crush on. (Kardashian is "obsessed" with Parker, according to some). Hell, if anyone nominated the reality star she'd have known about it, what with all her google alerts, Instagramming, and intrusive momager. So, wonder why she decided to opt out of the challenge. It isn't really a good look, so I'm assuming she has a good reason for ignoring Parker's nomination.


She just got new false eyelashes applied?

Aren't you not supposed to get them wet — or at least get a bucket of water dumped on them — for a certain amount of time after they're applied?

Kanye told her not to?

Perhaps he has something bigger, more amazing, and totally genius than the Ice Bucket Challenge planned? Whatever it is, it's going to be huge.

Her mom told her not to?

Maybe the only way Kim was allowed to do the Ice Bucket Challenge was if it was shot for E! and her mom got a cut, and, due to the "24 hours to respond" thing, that just wasn't possible? Just spit-balling here.

She just straight-up thinks she's above it?

In which case, not cool, Kim. Not cool at all.

Images: Giphy; E!; Rebloggy; Socialite Life