Her Ice Bucket Nominee Will Shock You

The Ice Bucket Challenge is, of course, a great thing because it raises awareness and donations for Lou Gehrig's disease research, but it's also alerted me to something else: the massive amount of celebrities who are out there. There are SO MANY. And I'm just talking A-list ones. Seeing just how many of them are selflessly pouring ice on themselves — and hopefully donating money since that's the part that matters most! — is really making be realize just how many there are. The latest in this ongoing series (well, keep in mind, a thousand more videos will be posted by the time I finish writing this) is Sarah Jessica Parker who took the Ice Bucket Challenge in her own SJP way. This is to say, she managed to make a towel look like an acceptable outfit for a night out by accessorizing it with jewelry and by, ya know, being the real life Carrie Bradshaw.

Aside from the flawless way she carries off the towel look, Parker's video is about average — lots of yelling and laughing once the ice cold water is poured. There is a surprising twist though with her nominees. Parker nominated Joan Rivers, Billy Eichner, and... KIM KARDASHIAN. If you don't understand the significance of this, allow me to explain.

With nominees having only 24 hours to complete the challenge or else they have to donate money (they all just donate money anyway because they're rich), this means that in less than a day's time the Internet will receive the most over-done ALS Ice Challenge video to date. And I'm not talking over-done like the Foo Fighters's Carrie spoof, I mean this thing is going to feature a full face of makeup, ample butt shots, and probably a slow motion hair flip. There may even be product placement. I'm thinking her caption on Instagram will read, "Donate to ALSA. #socold #kardashiancollection #kardashianglowselftanner."

As for why Parker would unleash this onto the world, the only connection I know of them having is that they appeared on The Tonight Show together to welcome Jimmy Fallon. Apparently, that meeting was enough to convince Parker that everyone could use a little more Kim Kardashian in a bathing suit taking videos of herself. That, or she knows Kardashian is loaded and could spare a little of that hard(ish) earned change.