'OITNB' Could Win an Emmy But Its Already Won Best Cast Instagrams of All Time — PHOTOS

If you've already spent hours binge-watching the hit Netflix series Orange Is the New Black then I do not need to recount all of the reasons why it is a seriously amazing show. Apparently the Emmys agrees — Orange Is the New Black is up for Outstanding Comedy this year and several of the cast members are up for their own awards, including lead Taylor Schilling and supporting actress Kate Mulgrew.

It's not surprising that Orange Is the New Black is getting a ton of accolades this year, and while it's just an honor to be nominated, I've got my fingers crossed that it takes home the ultimate prize this year. If it doesn't, there is one award that this series has already won by default, and that's one for Outstanding Instagrams by the entire cast.

It's adorable that this cast loves one another as much as they do, and it's even cuter that they document their camaraderie on camera. Any Orange Is the New Black fan will agree that they have the best cast photos in the television landscape. Check them out!

Images: lauraprepon; tayjschilling; daniellebb3; tarynmanning; uzoaduba/Instagram

by Kaitlin Reilly

BFFS Not Behind Bars

Piper and Alex may have had a rocky relationship, but Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon are clearly buds.

lauraprepon on Instagram


Danielle Brooks and Schilling are rocking some seriously gorgeous makeup here…

tayjschilling on Instagram

Flawlessly Dorky

…and are totally goofing off in this selfie.

tayjschilling on Instagram

Look, It's Larry and Sophia!

Jason Biggs and Laverne Cox put their heads together.

Dressed to Impress

Not sure what’s going on with Taryn Manning’s cleavage (as in, whoa is there a lot of it), but these two ladies look amazing.


Uzo Aduba is clearly playing the selfie game differently than Schilling and Cox.

Behind Bars Bombshells

Prepon and Dascha Polanco don’t even need filters.

Red Carpet Cuties

Think they coordinated these outfits? Much better than their tan jumpsuits.

Already Winners

Natasha Lyonne gives the thumbs up as the cast holds its Critics’ Choice Award.

Some Edge

These two need to start their own band so that this can be their album cover.

Group Pic

Kate Mulgrew looks every bit as cool as she is in this group shot.

Larry & Piper = Forever

Okay, maybe these two weren’t built to last on the show. But off it? So cute!


Schilling does her best impression of…something…


These women still look every bit as fierce in costume.