Sarah Silverman Brought What to the Emmys?!

She may only be nominated for one award, but it seems that Sarah Silverman is having the most fun of anyone at the show. While getting interviewed on the Emmys red carpet Monday night, the comedian seemed a bit... out of sorts, speaking slowly, laughing inappropriately, and not looking nearly as uncomfortable around Giuliana Rancic as one would expect. As it turns out, there might be a reason for all that weirdness: weed. As shown by the vaporizer she took out of her purse, it looks like Sarah Silverman might be stoned on the Emmys red carpet.

Or at least, she was something. While talking to Rancic, Silverman seemed genuinely baffled by the interviewer's questions, debating the placement of her microphone, joking about the maker of her own dress ("it's Marni, from Girls") and attributing a quote about her breasts to Maya Angelou. The strangest part of the talk came, though, when the comedian was instructed to place her bag on the clutch cam, and decided to let Rancic go through its contents.

And what did the E! host find? A container of "liquid pot," according to Silverman, who later clarified it was "vaper." Whether that's true or not is unknown, but judging from the comedian's red carpet behavior, it certainly wouldn't be surprising if she was taking advantage of an illegal substance or two.

Unless Silverman decides to empty out the contents of her container while accepting her award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special onstage, though, we'll probably never know if she's really high or if she's just having a whole lot of fun messing with Rancic (and I wouldn't blame her if that's the case). Check out the interview moment and judge for yourself: