'Finding Carter' Will Be Back... Eventually

It's hard to believe that MTV breakout hit Finding Carter 's first season ends on Tuesday, but it's true. After being dragged into the teenage drama (aka the best kind) by my love for Kathryn Prescott's character on Skins, I've quickly found myself completely obsessed with Carter's world — and all the lies everyone around her tells. It's an easy show to get sucked into. Even if Carter herself isn't exactly my favorite gal, the rest of the cast easily makes up for the title character's occasional brattiness, and as a bonus, the show comes in the form of a mystery just begging for its audience to solve. In other words: If you haven't watched yet, just do it. You will not regret it.

And after spending the better part of my summer trying to figure out what exactly went down when Carter was kidnapped as a toddler, now, after 12 super intense episodes, you're telling me that the season is already ending? This can't possibly be true. And just as I realized how adorable Taylor and Max are together. Fortunately, though, there's good news: Finding Carter will definitely return for Season 2.

On Aug. 19, the powers that be at MTV announced that the show has been renewed for another 12-episode season. Yay! But here comes the bad news: No premiere date has been announced yet, so after Tuesday night's finale, it could be a while before we get our next update on Carter's adventures. And based on the finale episode's preview, it looks like we'll have a lot to talk about in the meantime. Check it out below.

Maybe it's good we have some time before Finding Carter Season 2 — it might take a while to recover from that finale. The best way to spend the hiatus, though? Rewatch the past season to try to dig up clues the writers have inevitably left for us that will help us figure out Carter's past — and then use those clues to come up with more theories that will make us absolutely crazy until the show returns.

Image: MTV