Zack & Clare On 'Bachelor in Paradise' Have Their Romance Ruptured Thanks To AshLee

It's surprising how quickly so many serious couples formed within just a few episodes of Bachelor in Paradise. They've only known one another for a couple of weeks, but already the majority of the cast have paired off, with the same few people getting shuffled around every week. But one of those couples, Zack Kelter and Clare Crawley, might not stay together after all, and not just because they don’t know one another all that well. AshLee Fraizer, best known as the wide eyed Graham fanatic who fell in love over Instagram, is also a bit of a slut shamer.

First, she turned up her nose at Clare in the Bachelor in Paradise pilot, working herself into a crying frenzy because Clare asked Graham on a date while AshLee was “raised better” than to hook up with someone in the ocean like Clare did with Juan Pablo on The Bachelor. I guess she wasn’t raised well enough to learn that going to a reality show to find love can be a dicey proposition at best. But when Clare finally started to settle in with Zack, AshLee didn't waste any time going to Zack, trying to convince him to split with Clare because, again, she slept with Juan Pablo. Clare did not stand for it, giving AshLee a piece of her mind, but it's one of many bad omens surrounding Clare and Zack. First of all, Clare went from getting a date card in basically every episode to nothing, and we've barely even seen Zack since he first showed up on the beach. He hasn't been much more than a sympathetic shoulder for Clare to cry on.

The editors know how this all turns out, and it feels like they're trying to prepare us for the worst. Obviously this week had some conflict, but they haven't tried to spin some boring platitudes into an exciting love story like they have with Lacy and Marcus. We didn't even get any footage of the Robert/Michelle and Zack/Clare double date. And they haven't had any talking heads about how they have "so much chemistry" since they first "felt a connection" in the second episode.

But Clare might surprisingly end up leaving Tulum totally single. While she seems intent on finding a relationship, most of her post-Bachelor in Paradise Instagrams sound like those of a single girl.

She's been going on "date nights" with her friends, doing tons of solo DIY projects around the house, and even bought a new puppy. But the biggest clue of all comes from her post from just two days ago. She posted from the kid's table at the wedding of Renee Oteri (Clare's Bachelor costar) and Bracy Maynard with the very telling caption: "Singles table! #rbmlove." While it's not airtight proof, when piled with everything else that's happened in Paradise, seems like Clare and Zack could be doomed.

Images: Agustin Murillo/ABC; Clare Crawley/Instagram