This Free Spirit Is Totally Underappreciated

So far, Bachelor in Paradise is already leaps and bounds ahead of every other "guilty pleasure" show on right now (save maybe Below Deck), and it's the perfect way to bring summer to a close. But with all the monogamy and relationship talk that's been going on, it's getting a little boring… we could use a real patented Free Spirit to liven things up, right? Well, that was a leading question, because we're getting one in Tuesday's extra episode of BiP: everyone's favorite song-parodying, flower crowned hippie and self-proclaimed free spirit Lucy Aragon. And when I say "everyone's favorite," I really mean "my favorite," but I think Lucy deserves a ton more love. She's fun, she's funny, and she doesn't take this whole Bachelor thing too seriously, which makes it much easier to laugh at the ridiculous situations she gets into. Some of the overly earnest girls, like AshLee or Clare, seem so hopeful about finding love on television that to be amused when they talk about marriage on the first date, or get into a dialogue with raccoons, feels mean-spirited. On them, it's more embarrassing than funny.

But Lucy has a clever head on her shoulders — her songs are pretty good — and she just seems to treat the show as one should: as a chance to hang out in tropical locations and potentially find a casual relationship that'll last a few months. Here are just a few reasons why The Free Spirit should be your new favorite Bachelor contender, especially now that she's headed to Paradise:

1. She has a life beyond The Bachelor

Lucy actually hangs out with friends (like Kate Upton, nbd) who haven't appeared on multiple ABC shows. Being a Bach contestant is a hobby for her, not a career.

2. Her Insta-Bio

Her Instagram description is like a parody of what most mid-20s suntanned girls write in their profiles. Steve Jobs?

3. She's Too Silly To Be Vain

Plumber's crack in the supermarket? That's not for the faint of heart. Toplessness is one thing, but even the most self-assured, body acceptance guru would struggle with the visible butt crack post.

4. She's Well-Traveled

Look, I know I'm not the only one who can't afford to jet set around the world. But Lucy doesn't just head to beaches (though she does seem to spend an almost unfair amount of time of beautiful beaches). She also does weird and wacky things like go hiking in the snow wearing a bikini. And she documents it all on her Youtube channel.

5. "Ess Okay" The Musical?

Look, when we thought Juan Pablo was going to be the end of The Bachelor, a total waste of time, energy, and 2013, she came along to remind us: "Ess Okay." It's just a reality TV show!

Images: Lucy Aragon/Instagram (4)