They Took Their Relationship to the Next Level

Can we consider Ariana Grande and Big Sean officially a couple yet? Although neither of them have outright come forward and admitted that they're dating, E! Online broke the news that something has been brewing between them in the time since Grande broke up with Jai Brooks for the second time and Big Sean and Naya Rivera called off their engagement. Since Grande and Big Sean held hands backstage at the VMAs, I'm about ready to take that as all the confirmation we need that this musical duo is locked in romantic bliss. Further evidence can be found on Instagram, as Big Sean congratulated Ariana Grande on her album on Monday with a sweet message that makes their relationship seem even more adorable.

At midnight on Monday, Grande released her second album, My Everything, and it debuted at number one on iTunes, making it her second number one album — or, rather, making her two for two. Considering the success of her singles, "Problem" and the Jessie J track "Bang Bang" that featured Grande and Nicki Minaj, it's really no surprise that people were waiting in line to order that album as soon as iTunes gave them the all-clear. Apparently, it came as no surprise to Big Sean either, who posted a picture of her album cover with a heartwarming caption.

"Ari's #1 in 80 countries! So great when good things happen to good people," read the message. "I'm more than proud of you... [and] grateful to be apart of it!"

With that kind of support, whether romantic by this point or still platonic, any Arianator who is nervous about Big Sean being the one to hold their queen's heart should surely have their nerves assuaged by something like this. Things might not have worked out between Big Sean and Rivera, but Rivera has moved on and gotten married since and Big Sean clearly has a lot of affection for Grande. As for Grande, well, you don't go around backstage after performing at the VMAs and hold hands with someone you don't care about, right?

Beyoncé and Jay Z had better watch their crowns, because Grande and Big Sean are obviously coming for the title of King and Queen of Everything. (Okay, no one compares to Beyoncé and Jay Z, but Grande and Big Sean can definitely dream big here.)

Image: bigsean/Instagram