What Happened at Asia Monet Ray's Las Vegas Performance? She Had a Breakdown But Pulled It Off

Rising dance star Asia Monet Ray is surely on her way to performing at larger and larger venues, but after her performance at an "up and coming" artist's release party, her parents and choreographer don't seem so sure about Asia's management. On a recent episode of Raising Asia , Asia's manager Billy Hufsey booked her an opening act spot at a new artist's album release party. Asia and her mother Kristie were ecstatic for what this could mean for Asia's future, but choreographer Anthony Burrell was skeptical from the very beginning. It turns out, Anthony might have been right to question the show, as the performance wasn't what they expected, and as seen in the preview for next week's episode, it's followed by Asia having a breakdown before a Las Vegas performance. Poor Asia seems to be caught in some sort of bad luck streak.

Let's start with the first not-so-ideal performance. To be honest, after a quick Google search, I began to second guess Asia's opening act opportunity as well. So Asia is set to open for an artist named Dario. Now if you Google just the word "Dario" you'll get results about a glucose meter called a MyDario, a Wikipedia entry about the origins of the name Dario, and just general results about hundreds of other people named Dario. It honestly takes you a little while to find him, but if you refine your search you will finally find a Facebook page for the artist Dario. First of all, you'll notice it has the blue verified tick next to his name and over 10,000 likes, so he must be at least sort of famous. But why have I never heard of him? Regardless, Asia was opening for him.

Okay so we've established that who she's opening for isn't exactly a star, next the venue. None of the Rays were especially happy about it, because it seemed very small. It was also a 21+ nightclub, which meant Asia's dressing room had to be outside. It was dimly-lit and looked like it could hold only about 50 people maximum, though the Dario Facebook page confirmed there were 200+ people in attendance.

The stage was a little dirty, messy, and uneven, which had Asia and her team upset, but overall the performance was a success. Asia's father Shawn and Anthony spoke at length after the show regarding the small audience and the fact that it seemed very unprofessional. The red carpet was only 6 or so feet long, you guys.

Shawn made it clear that this next performance would be Billy's last chance to prove himself as Asia's manager before drastic measures were taken. The Ray Family then took a road trip to Las Vegas post-Dario party for Asia's latest performance at Planet Hollywood. I know I was holding my breath because the family and Anthony were having issues with the way matters were being handled by Billy.

I'll admit, Anthony was right, the performance choreography did have a distinctly '80s vibe to it, but Billy is also an industry veteran so I trust him. I'm torn! It definitely will be hard for Asia to sing and hit her choreography hard, but she's really talented so she will probably pull it off.

Lifetime has already let us in on a little secret: Asia has a huge meltdown minutes before she goes on stage to perform. The atmosphere is really tense with the pressure Kristie is putting on Asia, Asia's own high expectations for herself, and the beef between Shawn, Anthony, and Billy, all in addition to the fact that this is happening RIGHT BEFORE Asia is set to perform.

Kristie can be heard telling Asia there is no time for a meltdown, and Asia retorts that Kristie is giving her a lot of stress. People, there will be tears! "I don't care if I even have a show," Asia says before Kristie slams the dressing room door on the cameramen. Will the show go on? Based on a post from Asia's Instagram where she's happily performing onstage in Vegas, I think fans can rest assured that she nailed it, as usual.

Images: Lifetime; Asia Monet Ray/Instagram