Donny & 3 More 'Big Brother' Underdogs Who Played A Smart Game & Defied the Odds

It is rare that I get so attached to a Big Brother houseguest as I have for Donny this season. I usually view the game as just that, a game, knowing only one person can win and take home the prize. Usually that one person is the one who lied and betrayed the most, I get it. But there is something very pure about Donny, which has made him almost too nice to play this game. Since the very beginning, every other houseguest has considered Donny the underdog in the house, using him as a filler nomination week after week. Stop picking on Donny, houseguests, and start respecting his game.

I don't know why the other houseguests believe Donny to be an underdog. Sorry Christine, but Donny has won a hell of a lot more competitions than you have. Victoria, you think you've saved yourself from eviction each time you've been nominated? Donny has been up seven times (this is Week 9, by the way) and he has yet to go home, so let's talk about what it means to "save yourself" from eviction. And then as if his street cred as a poor little go-to nominee wasn't bad enough, some of the houseguests think Donny is a creep and constantly talk about how much they hate him (ahem, Christine).

But Donny isn't the first "underdog" to enter the Big Brother house. Sure, Donny is older than the majority of the houseguests, but he's been holding up pretty well in there, much like past Big Brother underdogs. Here are a few of some of the best in the show's history, and as you can tell, for some of them, being the underdog worked out quite well.

Ian Terry: Big Brother 14

Ian not only won Big Brother 14, but he also defeated one of the best Big Brother players, Dan Gheesling, in the final two. Ian, who came off as a somewhat geeky superfan of the show, laid low but made strategic decisions. He recognized who the real threats were — like his former coach and Big Brother superstar Mike Boogie — and made the moves to eliminate those people.

Jordan Lloyd: Big Brother 11

Although she entered the house in the popular clique during the "Cliques" season, Jordan was also nominated four times and was the underdog for most of the season until her partner-in-crime Jeff Schroeder was evicted. After that, she kicked it into high gear and managed to win all of the crucial competitions she needed to secure her safety, ultimately leading to her winning the $500,000.

Erika Landin: Big Brother 4 & 7

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Although Erika was seen as a huge floater in Season 7 of Big Brother (All-Stars), she ended up winning the second place prize ($50,000) and managed to prove herself in the final competitions of the season. While she didn't exactly win the game, she walked away with a pretty good chunk of money for someone who was nominated five times throughout the season.

Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS; CBS (2)