Dress Like The "Bang Bang" Trio This Halloween

Ditch the basic, prepackaged costumes you'd buy at your local Party City, because this year, music videos are where it's at for chic Halloween costume ideas. Music videos have inspired creative costumes for a long time (who didn't want to go as Britney Spears in her "Baby One More Time" video?) but this year promises even more opportunities to copy your favorite artists. And while it's tempting to revert back to one of 2013's Miley Cyrus costumes, you can skip the nude leotard and the paper mache "Wrecking Ball" this year in favor of a much less dated (and much more comfortable) pop star outfit. All you'll need this year for inspiration is access to Vevo... and possibly this list as a cheat sheet.

Picking a Halloween costume is tough business — you want something cute, fun, and relatively comfortable, of course, but you also want something that will make the people around you instantly recognize your creative genius. Whatever your Halloween costume inspiration, don't half-ass any of these costumes: A full face of makeup and a well-coiffed wig can make the difference between Nicki Minaj and a member of Josie and the Pussycats. (Not a bad costume either, FYI.) These music videos are pure Halloween inspiration, and you'll get major props for the timeliness of your costume. Now get planning, kids: Halloween is only months away.

If You're Going To A Party With Your Two BFFS, Go As The Trio From "Bang Bang"

All of the costumes in this music video are downright fantastic, but if you're planning a group costume, nothing beats the outfits in the final rooftop scene. Everyone gets a cute ponytail to rock and amazing shoes, but I'm completely obsessed with Jessie J's fierce sparkly, zebra printed dress.

If You Want To Feel #Flawless, Wear Beyonce's Sparkly "Partition" Outfit

This is possibly the only outfit in the "Partition" music video that you could possibly get away with wearing in public, and depending on your party situation (or, you know, the temperature) you may want to throw on a pair of tights. You may have to DIY a corset to get a similar effect (unless you want to shell out the big bucks for diamond-encrusted lingerie) but the things that's are the most important to getting the real Beyoncè effect is the sassy top hat and handheld skull mask she has in this scene. Poof, you're 'Yoncè!

If You Want An Update On A Classic, Slip Into Katy Perry's Outfit In "Roar"

My favorite thing about Perry's look from the "Roar" video is her minimalist look — Perry looks equally gorgeous when she's not wearing false eyelashes and major makeup. The outfit is adorable as well, like an updated version of a Tarzan costume. This is super easy to DIY: Grab a leopard bustier (or cut the top of a cheap leopard dress) and use lots of fake leaves or green tissue paper to create the skirt.

If You're Into The Mod Thing, Try These Outfits from Iggy Azalea & Ariana Grande's "Problem"

If you want to go as the Azalea from the "Problem" video, you'll have the comfiest Halloween ever. Just make sure to do the hair ultra big.

If You're Addicted To Dance Moms, Wear The Outfit From Sia's "Chandelier"

In case you didn't know, the girl dancing in the "Chandelier" video is actually Maddie Ziegler, the darling of the Abby Lee Dance Company and star of Dance Moms. This outfit couldn't be simpler: Grab a platinum bob wig and a nude bodysuit and you're done.

If You Have A Big Group Of Friends, Go As Dancers From Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off"

So many options! If you're looking for a big group costume, check out the different dancers from the video for "Shake It Off" — you can choose one theme (like the modern dancers above) or have each friend dress as one from each subgroup.

Images: Vevo