A DQ Milkshake Gone Horribly Wrong

One little guy and his mom got a lot more than they asked for at a Dairy Queen in Colorado on Thursday. After taking the first sip of his vanilla milkshake, 7-year-old Riley Chase told ABC News that "something was, like, bubbling on my tongue." After handing it over to his mom, Lisa Chase, she realized the worst — her son's Dairy Queen milkshake was laced with a chemical cleaner. Lisa told ABC News: "It was just like you were drinking a very strong cleanser. You could just feel it go down all the way into your stomach."


To make matters worse, after Lisa informed the manager, she was allegedly told that there were two other customers served milkshakes laced with a cleaner. Seriously, how does that happen? According to 9 News, the franchise owner says that one employee left the bottle, which usually holds a chemical cleaner, in the sink to be cleaned. But a second employee refilled the bottle with syrup and placed it out to be used for milkshakes.

Riley Chase, along with the two customers, went to the hospital to get checked out, just in case. While everyone involved is okay, that hardly makes the situation okay. Lisa Chase told ABC News:

There's no reason that that should have ever happened. They need to be held accountable for what they're doing because they could've cost people their lives.

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Since the incident, according to ABC News, Dairy Queen released a statement, calling this an "isolated" and "accidental" situation for which "the employees responsible have been reprimanded. The rest of the staff is getting new training."

Well, that's good. I guess?

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This isn't the first time someone ingested a fast-food drink laced with a chemical. Just a few weeks ago, a woman in Utah was eating at Dickey's Barbecue Pit and was hospitalized after sipping her tea, which was made with lye — also known as sodium hydroxide, which is found in degreaser, according to ABC News. An employee accidentally used it, thinking it was sugar, to make the tea.

The woman sustained extreme burns in her mouth and throat, and was released from the hospital on Saturday, according to The Associated Press. Not to frighten you off that McMilkshake or anything...

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