MTV's VMAs Vs. The Emmys: Which Show Was The Real Winner For Women?

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If Monday night's Emmys taught us anything, it's that sexism in the entertainment industry doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, which is kind of a buzz kill for women who like TV or have ever watched TV ever in their lives or really for anyone, really. It's just a generally bad situation that made it hard to sit through those really obnoxious, clearly sexist, generally annoying moments from Monday night's awards, which contrast so starkly to the girl-power party (and possible feminist conspiracy?) that was Sunday night's VMAs.

Though "ladies night" at the VMAs isn't the singular answer to entertainment's diversity problems the term is extremely reductive, among other things, it was still a nice change to see so many woman-centric performances, especially when compared to the bro-tastic sausage fest that was the Emmys. Beyonce's declaration of being an all-caps FEMINIST might not save us all, but it's a start.

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