Aaron Paul Made a Big Difference at the Emmys

There aren't many couples in Hollywood that come close to being even nearly as cute as old marrieds Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian, and last night at the Emmys, it made a huge difference. While accepting his Emmy award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series — an award won by his amazing portrayal of Jesse Pinkman in the final season of Breaking Bad, of course — Aaron Paul gave his wife Lauren Parsekian and her anti-bullying charity Kind Campaign a shoutout at the end of his speech. It was a great moment that Parsekian herself was clearly stunned by, and it managed to do a lot of good too: Paul's shoutout effectively broke the Kind Campaign's website, as well as inspired a ton of articles about what the Kind Campaign actually is.

It's always great to see stats turning the spotlight away from themselves — especially when they truly deserve every second of it, like Paul — in an effort to promote great charities and organizations like Kind Campaign. Paul's shoutout doubled as an adorable ode to his wife, who he's clearly head over heels for, as well as a promotion for an awesome charity that supports diminishing girl-on-girl bullying, which runs rampant in schools and is generally overlooked in the media (just think about how many teen shows you've seen in which two female characters in high school were pitted against each other — I've personally lost count). He knew that the audience at the Emmys would be gigantic, and he used that opportunity to raise awareness for a great cause. That's truly admirable.

According to Us Weekly, the Kind Campaign's website went down "within minutes" of Paul's speech. If you'd like to check it out, head on over to kindcampaign.com. Also, check out Paul's sweet speech below if you haven't caught it yet.