Dennis Haskins, What is Going on Here?

By the time the Saved by the Bell movie airs on Labor Day (is it almost September already?), we'll have probably seen a googleplex of trailers, clips, and other members of the REAL cast decrying Dustin Diamond's The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story. And you know what? I don't even care. Give it all to me, I will eat up every new 30 second trailer or clip or interview. This thing is a bullet train of disaster that's about to run off the rails and I am lovin' it. Today in Saved by the Bell: Dennis Haskins, aka Mr. Belding, strips Diamond of all credibility but he still seems a little sad about it. TMZ caught him for a short interview (in a super sweet Hawaiian shirt).

Of Diamond, Haskins said: "I worked with him 11 years...I had a great relationship with Dustin, but he's not taking responsibility for whatever's coming out. So who do you believe? There just wasn't any craziness. I was there. I know what happened and what didn't." OMG, drama. Seems like Belding feels betrayed. You'd think from all this back and forth about the secret truths of the set that there was a murder to be covered up. (But don't worry, it wasn't Tori).

The interviewer also asks Haskins if he'll watch the movie, and he gives a resounding NOPE. Looks like he'll be the only one that isn't watching because I know I sure as hell will be. Maybe that was Diamond's evil plan all along, to generate so much bad press that eventually no one would be able to turn away from the Lifetime SBTB story that he's producing. All at the low, low cost of alienating the entirety of the cast. Fame, Dustin Diamond's gonna live forever.