'SYTYCD' Star Jessica Richens Will Be Eliminated Unless She Learns To Emote More

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The summer is officially coming to a close — the nights are getting cooler, kids are going back to school, and So You Think You Can Dance is ending. With only one week of dancing left, who is going to be announced the winner of SYTYCD Season 11 on September 3? I've got my eyes set on Ricky Ubeda, but with four dancers in the competition, that means three people won't become "America's Favorite Dancer."

At this point, there's no denying the skills that all four dancers have. Yet if I had to choose (and it just so happens I do have to choose) the dancer that I think should be eliminated, I'd have to go with Jessica Richens. The girl's got talent, and is lovely to boot, but I don't think she deserves the win. Let's delve into her past performances to see why.

Image: Mike Yarish/Fox

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