'Finding Carter' Crash Could Shoot Max Based On Episode 10's Preview & We're So Not Okay

NO. No, no, no, no, NO. It was bad enough that Bird made Carter run away with Crash on Finding Carter 's new episode. But now there are firearms, shootings, and blood involved. Why couldn't these two just go on a joy-ride around the block and call it a day? Also, where's Carter's cellphone — isn't Elizabeth trying to call her and tell her that Bird's mother dropped the charges? All questions that we may never know the answers to because in the promo for Finding Carter's 10th episode, Crash has a gun that he possibly shot Max with. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Let me preface this by saying that Max is my all-time favorite character on Finding Carter (I know, it's only been nine episodes, whatever). So, if the series is planning to kill him or mortally wound him in any way, my heart is already broken just thinking about it. I really don't know how I could go on. Following Tuesday night's huge episode of Carter, MTV aired the preview for next Tuesday's episode and it was a doozy. Or did I mean to say, "It made me woozy," because there was so much blood?

You might have missed it if you didn't make it a point to re-watch three times and pause, but mid-way through the promo, in the midst of all of that blood, you see something super familiar — a red shirt that's obviously a Quik'N'Easy uniform over a rolled-up long sleeved T shirt. There's only one person we know who works at the Quik'N'Easy and one person who we've seen this season wearing his uniform shirt over a long sleeved tee — Max.

And, if we look back to the midseason trailer for Finding Carter, there are enough signs that point to this theory. Carter and Crash will stop at the Quik'N'Easy where Max will obviously try to stop them from running away because he's the greatest human alive and then Crash, who's obviously too crazy to function, will just shoot.

MTV on YouTube

The two important things to notice here are that Carter's wearing the same shirt she's wearing when she's arrested when Max is pleading with her to realize what she's leaving behind. We also need to notice that the shirt Max is wearing under his work shirt is the same color as the rolled up sleeve from Episode 10's promo.

I'm sorry if I just broke your heart, but at least you can prepare accordingly. Which is what I'll be doing from now until next Tuesday. Finding Carter can't kill Max off the series yet, right? I mean, who will eat croutons with Taylor?

Image: MTV