Annabama is Still Happening, Ya'll

The show might be on hiatus for now, but the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo cast is already in production for next season, which might look a little different than it has in seasons past. The season finale introduced a lot of shake-ups in the Honey Boo Boo family, including oldest daughter Anna's gorgeous wedding to boyfriend Michael Cardwell — and Anna, Michael, and baby Kaitlyn's move to Alabama to live with Michael's family. Now that Mama June's firstborn has officially flown the coop, June is super upset to have to let her go. Actually, let me rephrase that: June is super upset to have to let baby Kaitlyn go, but I imagine that she's not too thrilled about letting Anna go, either.

Anna and Alabama seem to have a history already. According to Alana's charming commentary, the last time "Annabama" happened, Anna got pregnant with Kaitlyn — so yeah, things happen down in Alabama, and I don't blame Mama June for feeling a bit apprehensive at the thought of Anna heading back there. But although June definitely had her reservations, Anna and Michael seemed pretty excited to start their new life together after the wedding... even if they were starting it under Michael's parents' roof.

So did Alabama work out for them, or did they already go running back to McIntyre, Ga.? I was hoping they might change their minds, for poor June's sake (it was so heartbreaking to see her cry!), but it sounds like the newlyweds are happy with their new digs. Michael's Instagram shows that he's found a gig working on cars, and it looks like Anna's spending her time hanging around the house with Kaitlyn.

And by all accounts, the couple is enjoying the change of pace. Two weeks ago, Anna confirmed their move on Instagram when she shared a pretty photo of herself on her wedding day right around the time the finale aired. "Yes, we are staying in Bama and happy as can be even though we do miss our families," Anna wrote.

In late July, she also mentioned their move on Twitter, talking about how she, Michael, and Kaitlyn really enjoy their new home state, so it definitely sounds like Annabama is happening for good — or at least for a long time.

And who knows? Maybe the rest of the family will decide to move to be closer to their big sis and favorite niece.

Image: TLC