Ellen's Ice Bucket Challenge Will Be Epic

At some point in the Ice Bucket Challenge trend to raise awareness and money for ALS, the actual challenge became more of a game of one-upmanship. The surprises (and the celebrities doing the challenge) just keep getting bigger and bigger: David Lynch took the challenge while playing a trumpet, Big Brother host Julie Chen did hers on the show, Amy Adams and Henry Cavill did the challenge while in costume for Batman vs. Superman, and even Homer Simpson took an animated version of the challenge with a surprise appearance of Olaf from Frozen. But, as epic as the Ice Bucket Challenges are getting, there's no way they'll ever top the next ice bucket challenge contestant: Ellen Degeneres.

Why? Well, Degeneres will be doing the Ice Bucket Challenge on her show. With her will be guest Anthony Carbajal, the 26-year-old man whose tearful testimony of both his, his mother's, and his grandmother's struggles with ALS took the Internet by storm. And of course, have you ever known Ellen Degeneres to do anything on her show that isn't epic? The only question is: just how will she do it? Well, here's a few ideas how Degeneres might pull off the Ice Bucket Challenge on her show...

  • Having the entire audience do the Ice Bucket Challenge
  • Having Carbajal dunk her in a giant ice bucket dunk tank
  • Donating an outrageous amount of money
  • Letting every audience member dump an ice bucket on her
  • Having Portia de Rossi dump an ice bucket on her
  • Dancing over the table, lowering herself into her seat, and then having an ice bucket fall on her from the ceiling by surprise
  • Being pushed into a giant pool of ice
  • Pouring a gallon of Smirnoff Ice on her head
  • Letting Rosie and Sophia Grace pour an ice bucket on her
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

OK, so maybe it won't be quite like any of these. But either way, it will certainly be an Ice Bucket Challenge to watch.