'Big Brother' Shows a 'Scorpion' Commercial in the Middle of Wednesday's Episode & It's Nothing Short of Ridiculous

If you thought that CBS' blatant cross-promotion during the 'Big Brother' Sunday Night Football competition (and the accompanying prize) was annoying, I hope you skipped Wednesday night's episode. There was basically a Scorpion commercial in the middle of Big Brother , just in case viewers weren't seeing it enough during the actual commercials. It was more than annoying, it was legitimately rage-inducing.

It all started with the Power of Veto competition. Christine conveniently realized that the common "stay or fold" competition hadn't been used yet, and quickly came up with a way to throw it, just in case. She was right, she just didn't foresee that this competition would also be Scorpion themed. Caleb hosted the competition and explained that because the characters on Scorpion are geniuses, it would be counting-based. He didn't need to explain that the podium in front of the houseguests had a huge Scorpion logo on it. We all saw that for ourselves — frequently.

Caleb then went on to explain that in addition to earning the golden Power of Veto, the competition's winner would get a luxury screening of the show, which prompted diary room sessions of a bunch of the houseguests talking about how much they want to win. They were all over-the-top, except for Donny's. Besides the fact that he is so lovable he could do no wrong, it was extremely adorable to see him talk about how much he loves TV.

Well Donny, I have good news and bad news. The bad news: Cody won the Power of Veto and there's no way he'll use it on you. The good news: he chose you and Nicole as his guests to the special Scorpion screening because he feels bad for nominating you AND making you have-nots. Yay?

Donny did seem legitimately excited, however, so I put my issues with both CBS and Cody aside to watch Donny enjoy the night — for a little while. After Donny, Nicole, and Cody got super excited about the snacks provided for the screening, they started the show. And wouldn't you know it, all of us Big Brother viewers got to watch it too. Yay? Nay.

If I wanted to sit through a Scorpion trailer, I'd stay on my couch during Big Brother commercials instead of getting more snacks. And what did we see between clips of Scorpion? Donny, Nicole, and Cody having intense reactions to the show and singing its praises.

You know what CBS? Your blatant cross-promotion won't work on me. There's no way I'm watching unless Donny personally invites me over to hang out and watch it with him. If that's the case, sign me up for a Scorpion marathon.