Frankie Grande's 'Big Brother' Play Was Fine, But America Would Have Picked Donny's Plan

Somehow, he got his way... yet again. Frankie Grande, easily Big Brother 's most manipulative player — who spent a portion of the episode hoping that his housemate Victoria would recover from her wisdom teeth pain to better help his game —managed to shoot down Donny's idea for Team America's mission this week. Instead of helping keep a Team America member off the block (in this case, Donny, who cleverly came up with this plan), Frankie suggested that America would rather the houseguests put on a play than save Donny. Nope, you'd be wrong, Frankie. (Heck, even house ruler Derrick was on board with Donny's idea.) Still, the show went on, as did Frankie's reign of terror.

The theme of Frankie's play was "House Swap," in which current houseguests played evicted houseguests. In other words, making fun of them. Frankie mocked Joey (remember her?), Donny did his best impression of lunkhead Devin, Caleb pretended to be Hayden (Nicole was not impressed), Derrick pegged Jocasta's gameplay, and Victoria, uh, did something that was supposed to resemble Amber's personality. While it was marginally entertaining and brought some levity in a pretty depressing episode, it wasn't the right choice for the Team America mission.

Frankie is seriously kidding himself if he thinks Big Brother fans wouldn't have wanted the Team America mission to be to save Donny. Case in point: Big Brother viewers have taken to Twitter urging fans to vote against the Team America mission.

Sure, it's $5,000 less for Donny, but it sends a message to Frankie. Save your plays, Frankie, we'd rather save Donny.

Image: CBS