'Big Brother's Donny Is Finally Using Team America to His Advantage Because He's the Real Hitman

Spoilers ahead. As you might have expected, bringing someone back from the Jury House just gives the remaining house guests an easy target for eviction. So it should come as no surprise that HoH Cody Calafiore immediately put Nicole Franzel on the block next to Donny Thompson. Donny and Nicole did their campaigning, but the fact of the matter is that the house guests are aware that Donny is a huge target — especially once Donny won a Battle of the Block by himself. If Nicole or Donny don't win the Power of Veto, then one of them is going home on Thursday no matter what. However, once again, the house guests underestimated Donny. In fact, the latest Team America has really shown what a mastermind Donny is.

The Team America mission is simple. This time, Team America has to come up with their own mission to complete by the veto competition and then America will vote on whether or not it was a good enough mission. Donny immediately suggested that the mission should be to keep Team America together by not voting him out of the house. To be fair, Derrick and Frankie already suspected that this week's mission would be to keep Donny, but Donny didn't know that when he suggested it.

Currently, Derrick and Frankie are seriously considering flipping the votes to keep Donny in the house instead, but even if they change their minds and send him home this was a great ploy from Donny. He and Nicole had gotten together Friday night to acknowledge that they have absolutely no leverage to save themselves in the house, since it appears that everyone is working together except for them. Now Donny has whipped out his trump card and proven that he's the strongest competitor in the house. Here is why the house guests should be very, very afraid of Donny.

He won a competition by himself.

Remember that time that Donny won the Battle of the Block by himself? The only other person to win a Battle of the Block competition by themselves this season is Frankie Grande, and we've already theorized that Frankie is the most likely player to win Big Brother . Now Donny has put himself on the same level as Frankie, so the other house guests should be worried.

He wins the most veto competitions.

Donny has been noted numerous times by the other house guests to be the Veto King. They've put him on the block so many times this season and whether he's their target or not, Donny has a higher likelihood of winning the veto and saving himself than any of the other house guests. Donny is playing in this week's veto competition, so he might not even need Team America to keep him safe.

He survived weeks of being alone.

One by one, the Detonators removed all of Donny's allies and friends from the house. At this point, only he, Nicole, and Victoria are left as the house guests on the outside of the Detonators alliance and even Victoria is considered a number and thus under the Detonators' protection (for now). Despite that, Donny has managed to survive in the house without any allies for the last couple of weeks. That makes him dangerous.

Team America might be trying to save him.

Frankie and Derrick both noticed that it's strange that this Team America mission should come along now, right when they were poised to vote one member of Team America out. Donny is clearly a fan favorite, so it may very well be the will of America to keep him safe this week. Cody and Derrick might be calling themselves the Hitmen, but Donny's the real silent killer in this competition.

Image: CBS; heeysunshine, bigbrotherishere, kingrances/Tumblr