'Glee's Heather Morris Engaged to Taylor Hubbell Which Might Be Bad News for Brittana Fans

It figures that Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez would do everything together — including get married in the same year. When Naya Rivera secretly married Ryan Dorsey in a memorable move coming only three months after calling off her engagement to Big Sean, the world was shocked and vaguely disapproving. Now that the dust has settled a bit, the other half of the beloved Glee Brittana pairing is about to tie the knot. Us Weekly reports that Heather Morris is engaged to Taylor Hubbell and that's no surprise for more reasons than one.

Morris and Hubbell have been dating for a long time and even have an 11-month-old son together named Elijah. In fact, Morris has been open about her desire to marry Hubbell since 2011, going so far as to say in Fitness magazine that she would quit acting if it began to negatively impact her relationship. The two met in high school, according to the Daily Mail, and sources close to the pair report that Morris was positively beaming as she showed off her engagement ring. We don't know yet if Morris is returning for Glee's sixth and final season, so this engagement might spell bad news for Glee and Brittana fans.

Morris is notorious for her role as Brittany on Glee and Brittany is equally notorious in-universe for her relationship with Rivera's Santana. Brittany and Santana started out as two superclose best friends who did everything together, up to and including proposing a threesome with Finn Hudson, before developing into one of the best romantic relationships on the show. I have no doubt that if Brittany and Santana were to marry separate people, they would either have a joint wedding or get married one right after the other like Morris and Rivera.

This isn't just a fantastic instance of art imitating life, but it's also wonderful news for Morris that will excite Glee fans everywhere. However, there's always a chance that Morris might quit acting to focus on her marriage and her son. If that happens, keep your fingers crossed that it happens after Glee closes out its final season and not before. We need our Brittana happy ending.

Image: Glee Wiki