If 'Big Brother' Evicts Donny, What Will Happen To Team America? CBS Should Just Pull the Plug

Team America. To me, those two words suggest a group of people acting on behalf of America. There is obviously a disconnect or miscommunication because if Big Brother 's Team America was acting on behalf of what America actually wanted, they wouldn't be trying to evict Donny, a fellow member, this week. Seriously Derrick and Frankie, why do you have to hurt America like that? We want Team America to succeed, but after we watch you target one of America's favorites, Donny, you're getting a big fat "NO" vote for that play you put on. Abe Lincoln said it best when he said Team America is "of the people, by the people, for the people," so let's start doing that (okay, that might not be exactly what Lincoln was referring to).

So what happens if Donny gets evicted this week? Well, first off, I lose my favorite houseguest. Secondly, does Team America cease to exist if they are only two members? Or maybe they continue on and still receive tasks until the season is over (or they are all evicted, which ever comes first). CBS didn't really lay down the ground rules regarding what would happen if Team America lost a member, but that doesn't mean we can't speculate in case Donny does leave on Thursday's show.

Team America remains intact

This is probably the most likely of the scenarios. Team America will lose a member, but continue to perform tasks until they can't anymore. If Donny does leave, that gives them less manpower to execute plays or neighborhood watches (because clearly those were the best uses of Team America...). What made Team America unique was the mix of houseguests, but because Derrick and Frankie are already working together, Team America will lose its magic along with Donny.

Team America becomes defunct

I'd like to say goodbye to Team America forever. If this were to happen, it would teach Derrick and Frankie a lesson in kindness (to Donny), because they wouldn't be earning anymore money. Fans want Team America to no longer exist for many reasons, one of them being that they are turning on their own alliance member, others being just that Team America is awful. Maybe CBS will take this opportunity to save us from the pain of watching "missions" and just pull the plug on Team America while they have the chance.

Team America isn't allowed to vote to evict their fellow team member

Just thinking out loud here, but wouldn't it be an amazing twist if the safe Team America members (aka Derrick and Frankie) tried to vote to evict Donny and Julie said, "I'm sorry houseguest, but you are not allowed to vote to evict someone from YOUR OWN ALLIANCE." Because what is loyalty if Team America doesn't stick together? United we stand, divided we fall, you guys.

Images: CBS; Giphy (2); Big Brother HOH/Tumblr