The New Hershey's Logo Borrows An Emoji, And Not The Most Appropriate One

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Few things are more emblematic of our life and times than the emoji keyboard. We've had Moby Dick reimagined as emoji, we know what emojis Skillrex is into, we've seriously considered entering emoji art contests. (Just me? Cool.) The humble "poop" emoji, best described as a tiny, grinning pile of poop, is unmissable. So it beats me why Hershey's new logo features the "poop" emoji's twin.

Look, I get it. Whittled down and colored brown, the Hershey's Kiss — practically as iconic as the "alien face" emoji in its own right — is a nice touch to the otherwise-cool new Hershey logo. (Somewhere in the process, it seems to have lost an "s"). I'm on board with Hershey's Kisses, I'm into emojis, and the new design is a step forward — streamlined and modern. But who in that advertising meeting didn't squint at that little brown Hershey's Kiss and think, "Hang on, I think my kid/friend/sister texted me that thing last week?"

From Hershey's press release, via Fast Company Design:

Central to the visual identity system is the new logo — built upon the globally recognized HERSHEY logotype used on its famous Hershey’s chocolate bar and a fresh and modern interpretation of the beloved KISSES icon.

Well, yes, it's fresh and modern. Because it's a poop emoji, a child of the emoji keyboard, aka the primary form of communication in modern life.

So maybe this is what we'll call "the Bélo effect" (thanks, Airbnb). One look at the rebirth of a logo, and you're faced with several questions:

  • Is this what I think it looks like? Does anybody else see it? I bet there's a deeply Freudian reason I'm looking at perfectly standard brand logos and thinking about this.
  • No, that's definitely what it looks like. Huh. This must be a terrible accident from whoever designed this. God, how embarrassing. Unless, again, it's just me.
  • Wait, is this on purpose? Because I can't stop thinking about it. And the more I think about it, the more I want Hershey's Kisses. Hang on, is that okay?

Digital agency Huge was equally flummoxed.

The jokes pretty much make themselves, huh, Hershey's? Or Hershey. I don't know anything anymore.

I'm sure Hershey's meant well.

Images: Scott Olson/Getty Images; Airbnb