'Hart of Dixie's Lemon Has Officially Passed Zoe as the Series' Best Character

I know what you're thinking — how could Rachel Bilson's Zoe Hart NOT be my favorite character on the The CW's Hart of Dixie? Well, there will always be a soft spot in my heart (ha) for Bilson and Zoe, but in Season 3, Jaime King's Lemon Breeland became Hart of Dixie's best character. We have a lot of questions for Hart of Dixie Season 4, but there's one thing we already know — Lemon will continue to be an amazing, increasingly feminist character.

When we left off in Season 3, Lemon's big career aspirations had blown up in her face and she'd agreed to go on a singles' cruise so that her grandma would pay for the repairs on Fancie's. It was a low point, but when you've got no insurance and a grandma with the funds, it's basically a necessary evil to give into Grandma's antiquated gender role bribery. The Season 3 finale set fans up with something more though, a potential continuation of Lemon's romance with Lavon and/or George Tucker. Even though I believe that Lemon will get a new man in Season 4, either relationship would be a true test of her new, independent, re-vamped character. And I'm really hoping that she passes because if Lemon's learned anything from her time as a single woman, it's that she absolutely doesn't need a man to make her happy anymore. She's perfectly competent on her own and it rocks.

So, why is Lemon that best character on Hart of Dixie? Here are some reasons.

Her Transformation

In Season 3, due to Jaime King's maternity leave, fans lost Lemon when she went to go help out her grandma. And it was the best possible thing for her character, who'd spent most of her time post-breakup with George being sad and feeling like she'd wasted her life (which she had). When she returned, she was a new woman that'd gone through a badass sexual awakening and completely changed her outlook on herself and her life. And it was amazing.

Her Newfound Feminism

Looking back at Season 1 and 2 Lemon, she really thought that her future would be marrying George Tucker and running the Belles. Even her father didn't believe that she could handle getting a job and supporting herself. Well, she proved them wrong — heck, she proved herself wrong by realizing that men, even if they don't make great boyfriends, make great business partners. And she held her own while being both of their business partners over the past few seasons.

Her Sense of Humor

Perfectly timed sarcasm. Need I say more?

Her Strength

Lemon was left at the altar and while that really sucks, she took her time getting over it and came out on the other side a better person who is a pillar of strength for others. She's sat on the other side of the table and supported Annabeth in her relationship with Lavon, Wade during his breakup with Vivian Wilkes, and Zoe with her relationship problems. It took losing her 10+ year relationship for her to really understand what relationships are about and she's at peace with what happened.

Her Perfect Wardrobe

Lemon's got an amazing wardrobe — Zoe's wardrobe is great, but Lemon's is a completely different, awesome animal. And I want it all.

Her Bluntness

Who could fault her for this? She spent so much time trying to be a proper, Southern woman with a huge facade. It's about time she broke out of that and said what she felt, without a filter, all of the damn time.

She's A Good Friend

Again, with her impressive, emotional strength, Lemon's become a great friend. It's surprising, considering how she treated some of these people like gum under her shoe for a long time. She thought she was better than them, but her breakup with George knocked her down to Earth and now she's a genuinely good person. Especially when it comes to being Wade's friend, because he really needs someone that'll give him a reality check everyone once in awhile.

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