'Hart of Dixie' Season 4 Should Find Lemon a New Man So She Doesn't Repeat History

Alright, CW fans, it's about time we talk about how Hart of Dixie's Season 3 finale ended for Lemon, George, and Lavon. Because it was just downright awful and it really doesn't make me feel optimistic for the recently announced Hart of Dixie Season 4. Okay, maybe it wasn't awful — but we've already more than abandoned the George and Lemon 'ship and everyone knows that Lavon and Annabeth belong together. So there's really no reason for the show to set up its new season with Lemon's two former flames competing for her affections. Seriously.

Let me start off by saying that I don't even think Lemon Breeland needs a love interest in the first place. She's a successful, professional businesswoman (even though her restaurant burnt down and the insurance company thinks she did it on purpose), a good friend (even to Zoe), and an overall great character all by herself. But, this is The CW and if Hart of Dixie is going to end after Season 4, they're going to want to put a bow on her love life ASAP. But they shouldn't do it with George Tucker or Mayor Lavon Hayes.

Of all of the characters on this series, Lemon's grown the most and changed for the better. After her Season 3 absence due to Jaime King's maternity leave, Lemon returned better than ever and I was really happy about it. She'd had a sexual awakening and let her hair down a little and she'd really stopped caring about what other people had to say about her. Lemon came into her own and it was perfect.

So, when the Season 3 finale rolled around last Friday, I was disappointed to see the show try to drag not one, but two ghosts of Lemon's past back into her life with George and Lavon both realizing that she's "The One."

Any HoD fan knows that Lemon is NOT the one for either of these characters. And we also know that after all of her transformations, Lemon deserves a new man in Season 4 — not one of her previous cast-offs. If you aren't a diehard Bluebellian like myself, Lemon's relationships with both of these guys were terrible. Now, I'm not saying that George and Lavon themselves are terrible, but both of these relationships just weren't right for anyone.

When the series began, we learned that George and Lemon had started dating in high school, broken up when he moved to New York, and were now engaged. Then George left Lemon at the alter during Season 1 because he thought he was in love with Zoe. See, not so great. During the brief time that George was chilling in New York, being a big shot lawyer, Lemon started a little thing with Lavon. It seemed like those two would end up being the unlikely silver lining to Lemon getting ditched at the alter — but that didn't work out either. And for good reason, because Lemon strung him along and Lavon is better with Annabeth anyway. So, you can see why I was disappointed that all of a sudden Lemon's expected to choose the love of her life out of two guys that are so obviously wrong for her.

Yes, she and George slept together towards the end of Season 3, but George then spent three episodes complaining about how she drives him absolutely insane. And how he pretty much hates her guts. Wow, that sounds like true love to me. NOT.

But, alas, here we are with Season 4 clearly featuring a storyline where Lemon has to choose between George and Lavon. And I hope she chooses neither because it's time for her to find a new man (hopefully not on that awful singles' cruise, though). Season 3 featured three potential new men for Lemon — Enrique, her grandmother's gardener; Peter, the traveling photojournalist; and standard Southern gentleman Carter Covington. Sure, it didn't work out with the former and the latter (because Lemon tried to date them both at the same time — good for you, girl) but Peter was always left up in the air with his constant traveling. Which means he'd be a welcome face if HoD brought him back as Lemon's endgame relationship.

Lemon's changed so much from who she was when the show began, that'd it be a disservice to her progress to have her end up with George or Lavon. She's not remotely the same, insecure girl she was when she was with them. And, even though they might not be the same boys either, Lemon still deserves a fresh start and a fresh chance to find "The One" for her. She's been there, done that with these two and moved on and it's time for Hart of Dixie to do the same.


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