Will 'Witches of East End's Frederick Kill Freya? It Would Explain Many of his Actions

This is all starting to get a little creepy and a lot incestuous. Fans have been waiting all season for Witches of East End 's Freya and Killian to get together and on Sept. 5, it might actually happen. No thanks to Frederick, however, who's still threatening Killian with his power and advising him to steer clear of his sister. In the new promo for Witches of East End 's eighth episode, "Sex, Lies and Birthday Cake," Killian will finally break free and return to the East End, but Frederick still won't let him around his sister. Why is Frederick so opposed to Frillian?

Freya and Killian are finally going to address, in real time in "Sex, Lies and Birthday Cake," the fact that they're in love with each other. Even if Killian kind of "moved on" with Eva — which we learned wasn't really moving on, as she had used a spell and potions to keep him in the dark about who she really is. And while Freya seems pissed during their initial meeting in the promo, eventually she's going to warm up to Killian being back and the fact that they belong together. But they won't be — not if Frederick has anything to do with it.

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I, for one, have been waiting all season for these two to finally get together. Because they've got great chemistry and, well, Daniel DiTomasso is criminally easy on the eyes. So far, while Killian's been away, Witches has pushed the Ingrid and Dash relationship into the foreground of its romantic storyline. And while it's been effective, Ingrid and Dash are no Freya and Killian — especially when we consider the fact that Dash is a raging, murdering maniac. But, really, what exactly is it about Freya and Killian that threatens Frederick?

We were reminded during last week's episode that Frederick, who's essentially the human embodiment of the King of Asgard's soul, is planning to kill his mother, on behalf of the king, and bring his sisters back to Asgard. But we still aren't sure exactly why Frederick wants Freya and Ingrid back in Asgard and it doesn't seem like it's just because he wants to make up for lost time. During last Sunday's episode, guest star James Marsters (long live Spike) appeared as Tarkoff, a former friend of Joanna's and the person responsible for Frederick's mission. And, well, the way he asked Frederick whether or not he still planned to bring his sisters "home" seemed far more sinister than a family reunion.

Could that be why Frederick is worried about Killian and Freya picking back up where their whirlwind romance left off? Killian could potentially save Freya from whatever fate awaits her back in Asgard and that should be wildly threatening for Frederick, especially since he has the king to answer to. If Asgard's ruler wants Joanna dead, there's no possible way that Ingrid and Freya will return to the place and be allowed to remain alive. It just doesn't make sense — kill their mother but grant them asylum? Nope. Frederick's already showing signs of weakness in his mission to kill his mother and he can't handle another wrench screwing up his carefully placed plan. Is this is how Witches of East End plans to carry out the star-crossed factor in Freya and Killian's relationship? It sure seems like it.

Image: James Dittiger/Lifetime