Tom Hiddleston Coloring Book, Earrings, Pillow Cases & More Awesome Merchandise

What's better than regular Tom Hiddleston? A coloring book version of Tom Hiddleston. Mel Elliot who also produced the Colour Me Good Benedict Cumberbatch book is now tackling the other British king of Tumblr. So, get out your crayons because the Colour Me Good Tom Hiddleston goes on sale Sept. 1 and features Loki Hiddles, dancing Hiddles, and more for all your drawing desires.

But this craft isn't the only fun Hiddleston merchandise that exists. Check out these 11 other epic Hiddles novelty items.

Image: Mel Elliot/I Love Mel

Hiddleston Greeting Card

These customizable greeting cards are perfect for birthdays, thank you notes, and more. Anything you have to say is automatically more awesome when accompanied by Tom’s face.

Cards, $5, Etsy

Image: DunkleeandThames/Etsy

Hiddles Studs

These earrings will be the pride of your jewelry box.

Image: I Love Mel

Wishful Thinking Writing Tools

Why settle for just scribbling “I heart Tom” on your notebook, when you can do so with Mrs. Hiddleston pencils?

Image: PopCultPencils/Etsy

Motivational Notebook

The secret to good grades is taking this book to class to help you persevere through even the toughest lectures.

Image: kayleeksauvey/Etsy

Beautiful Bow

Haven’t you always wanted to wear Hiddles in your hair?

Image: Dulcecalaveritas/Etsy

Words to Live By Tote

Strive to be your best with this bag by your side.

Tote, $25, Society6

Image: ElectricShotgun/Society6

Loki's Motto Shirt

Wise words from the God of Mischief. Hiddleston himself owns this garment, so if you buy it, there’s a chance you could both end up wearing it on the same day.

Image: WeLoveFine

Inspirational Phone Case

Why would you buy a regular iPhone case, when you can have this one featuring Tom’s face and a motivational quote?

Image: Phileus/Etsy

Loki Cereal Shirt

You may not be able to eat Loki Charms for breakfast, but at least you can proudly wear the pun.

Loki Cereal Shirt, $20, Etsy

Image: LevelUpStudios/Etsy

Picturesque Pillowcase

Spruce up your couch or bed with these Hiddleston throw pillows. His shiny smile is all you need to brighten your place.

Image: Pentagonwork/Etsy

Hiddleston Heart Necklace

Show off the object of your affection with this sweet pendant.

Image: FlowerWillow/Etsy